Monday, April 14, 2008

Wedding Pictures!

A few of you have been requesting wedding pictures up on our blog, so for those of you who have yet to view our album, I thought I would post the wedsite for you to view them at your convenience. Enjoy!

The Little Things - Week 5: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Idea Inspired by Amy Edrington :)
Thanks for reminding me to write about this fantastic 'Little Thing'!

This product pretty much speaks for itself; it's all in the name. It (quite magically) erases EVERYTHING! Well at least everything that I have attempted to erase. Anything from pesky grey/black marks on walls still visible from moving day or scuff marks on our floors reminiscent of our East Coast Swing phase. My girlfriends swear by their ability to erase mysterious crayon marks left by none other than their precious little one's "imaginary friend" and I have been told you can really roll in style by using them to shine up your car's hubcaps, console and dashboard (Husbands get excited!) Because I dont want to permanently damage anyone's goods, please always check the label ensure use on 'surface friendly' products!
Happy Erasing!

Why we (pay to) live in Southern California...

This post is by no means meant to flaunt the beautiful lifestyle that is ours in San Diego, but merely remind ourselves how blessed we truly are to live here. Summer has always been my favorite time of year and I am always thrilled when it comes early...even for just one perfect weekend surprise. We were able to experience San Diego at its finest even at 90 degrees and higher. Our weekend was filled with trips to doggie parks and beaches, swims in the ocean and roof-top BBQs with good friends. (Guinnie grew his swimming legs this weekend when dad took him out into the ocean waist deep and let him swim back to shore...I have never seen 4 little legs work so hard, but I have to say he is quite an excellent swimmer!) Our weekend ended on the roof-top of our little downtown abode staring at the beautiful San Diego skyline and clear starry sky as planes flew overhead descending upon our coastal runways. As we sat out enjoying the perfect evening in typical SD attire (shorts, tank top, rainbow flops and lightly sun-kissed cheeks) I couldn't help but be reminded that the benefit truly does outweigh the cost! :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Little Things - Week 4: Tomato Paste in a TUBE!

How many of you have ever used tomato paste in a recipe? Well, if you have ever made spaghetti sauce from scratch, chances are you have. Now how irritating is it to open that small 5 oz. can and use only 2 tablespoons of it. What do you do with the rest? The can is too large to use in its entirety in one recipe, yet leaves just enough to make you feel guilty for throwing the remainder away. So, what is a gal to do? "Oh, just put it in a Tupperware container" you say? Yes, one could do that, but then it just sits in the refrigerator forgotten until the mold begins to creep in. Well, I have the perfect solution for you! Tomato Paste in a TUBE! No fuss, no messy containers taking up space and no icky mold growing where it shouldn't. Just unscrew the cap, squeeze out the needed amount, pop the lid back on and back it goes in the fridge - Problem Solved!

We're Back!

OK, after a month long hiatus from blogging, I am back and ready to stay consistent! I don't necessarily have anything all that thrilling to announce or talk about, but I did want to post this adorable picture of my little pie face. I mean seriously...can you get any sweeter than this? Maybe when we start having kids in a few years!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Little Things - Week 3: Real Simple Magazine

Life made easier.
Exactly as stated. This magazine is full of easy tricks and tips simply designed to make life a little easier. Everything from creative party planning, money-saving organizational techniques, crafts and cooking ideas, beauty tricks and home decorating tips. My favorite article thus far was titled "Simple Solutions" dedicated to new creative uses (AHA! uses) for common outdated products. It also touched on wrapping food: when to use foil and when to use plastic...I mean really, I always wonder! Ok, I am definitely not giving it justice. Check out the website for further confirmation at

Guinness Graduates!!

Who would have thought that after a mere 5 months of marriage I would already be a proud mother of a successful graduate! That's right! Guinnie has graduated! He can now come on call, sit, stay, lie down, leave it, roll over (he just became an ambi-roller...can you believe it), play dead, shake and my favorite high 5!! Oh yeah, he is a STUD! Look how sweet my little man is!

This is his "cheese" face...see how well he listens!